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Creativity Training

Our Do-it-yourself Lobotomy and creative thinking workshop helps people become better problem solvers by becoming better creative thinkers. Ideal for training programs, marketing offsites, team building sessions or meetings of professional organizations.

Applied Creativity

Bring a B&A FlashFlood Brainstorming coach into your company to give your team the skills to find hundreds of fresh ideas, for new products, promotions, company names, product names and more.

reFocus Group

Our reFocus Group sessions use the minds of your customers, prospects or channel partners in a true dialogue and mind meld to help you serve them better. It’s a combination of a B&A proprietary FlashFlood Brainstorming and a conventional focus group.

See how a chicken salad sandwich and a lobotomy can drive your business

About Us

We’ve helped over 250,000 business people on four continents develop the tools to find millions of fresh business building ideas and improve their creative thinking abilities.

All of our services have been developed by B&A founder, Tom Monahan, a leader in the field of of applied creativity in business. Our licensed creative thinking coaches are industry professionals who have been working to build business and find creative thinking solutions for clients for decades.

  • Over 250,000 Served

    We have trained people on 4 continents to improve their creative thinking abilities and find millions of ideas.

  • Leaders in Applied Creativity

    Before & After helped define the industry and establish many of today’s standards.

  • We Walk the Talk

    We have a team of licensed creative thinking coaches working in virtually every major industry.

What others say about us

Joe Maguire

Working with Sarah was very beneficial to our creative group. Her presentation was interesting, engaging and relevant to the diverse needs of our clients. She also did research ahead of our session which helped her tailor the session to our needs.

She is well-versed in how to get to the core message, and how to develop ideas to meet the marketing challenge or opportunity at hand. She got everyone involved in the session through her enthusiasm and passion, and her background and experience in the industry were evident.

Joe MaguireSenior Vice President | Director of Creative OperationsSwanson Russell
Tom Glass

Following Before & After’s workshop our Hong Kong team impressed a key client by delivering 23 new ideas in 24 hours.

Tom GlassCorporate Marketing Director | Wall Street Journal
Patricia Fiske

We work with Tom when we want to stimulate wide-open thoughts. We may not always get to the answer during the session, but we always get to the question. Once that’s done, the answer is usually quite easy to come by.

Patricia FiskePresident | WorldWide Partners
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