To improve creative performance you need the right coaching.

Before & After is a small company that has helped its clients, both individuals and companies, achieve very big results. One of the ways we defy our size is with big thinking. The other way is through our virtual team of creative thinking coaches, a diverse group of professional thinkers all dedicated to helping people think creatively.

Scattered throughout North America and servicing clients the world over these individuals have been personally trained by B&A founder and president, Tom Monahan, and licensed to perform Before & After programs. All members of the B&A team also bring their own skills in big thinking to a wide variety of our clients’ needs. Most of this group are people with whom Tom has worked for years, long before their B&A affiliation.

Sarah Robertson

Sarah Robertson

Managing Partner / Creative Coach

Sarah has been working with Before & After for about 20 years as a facilitator and coach. An independent marketing and advertising consultant based in Toronto, Sarah was personally trained by Tom Monahan. As a B&A coach, Sarah has facilitated thousands of people across the globe in sessions for companies as diverse as health care, children’s toys and alcoholic beverages as well as numerous advertising agencies. She is an entertaining and energetic keynote speaker and a dedicated, involved facilitator who has helped companies come up with new ideas, build stronger teams and strengthen their creative resources.

Sarah has the active, open mind that is necessary to be a great creative thinking coach. She brings a high level of enthusiasm and energy to helping people explore new ideas and improve their creative thinking skill sets.

Sarah’s career has included stints in the public sector, private sector and the agency world. She has worked with clients as diverse as Labatt Breweries, Unilever and Lego. Her unique understanding of the marketing process – from brand development, research and tactical execution ensures that she is able to help companies and agencies truly understand the importance of a great idea as the backbone of creative thinking.

Tom Monahan

Tom Monahan

Founder / Leader in Applied Creativity

A leader in creativity in business, Tom has trained over 200,000 people on four continents. His unorthodox approach to training has had toy designers doing origami, engineers playing mental leapfrog and media executives throwing rotten tomatoes.

During his former career as one of the top creative directors in advertising, Tom was a founder of Leonard/Monahan, an agency that served major marketers, was one of the most highly awarded ad agencies in America and was a launching pad for many of today‘s top advertising talents. Tom was featured in The Wall Street Journal’s creative leaders series.

He was honored as one of the top 10 copywriters in the country, published in many periodicals and web sites, authored The Do-it-yourself Lobotomy, published by John Wiley & Sons, was the regular ad columnist for CA and has won an Emmy for television editorial writing.

Lisa DiMonte

Lisa DiMonte

Creativity Coach

Lisa started with Before & After as a client over a decade ago, a client who constantly cultivated the creative power of her own team. She now brings the same aspirational professional development substance to B&A clients as a creative thinking coach.

At ABC6/WLNE TV, a television station serving one of the top 50 television markets in the country, Lisa directed a creative team responsible for conceptual development and execution of all integrated marketing communications associated with on-air promotion. She has a record of success identifying new opportunities, designing effective marketing strategies, creating new brands, and launching new products.

Steve Pulver

Steve Pulver

Senior Strategist and Creativity Coach

As a former professional stand up comedian, and a 4 time nominee for teacher of the year at Canada’s #1 Business School, The Schulich School of Business, Steve Pulver is an experienced facilitator and marketer who has spent decades thinking creatively.

He began his career in marketing and sales by selling cameras to pay his way through graduate school. Upon graduation he joined the more traditional marketing ranks at P&G. He then spent some time at CBS Records where he managed the Canadian launch of many of the 80’s best selling artists. An opportunity to become a partner at a fledgling agency called Echo Advertising was too good to pass up, and in1987, Steve became a driving force in what would become one of the largest and most successful Canadian advertising agencies.

Working as agency of record for Labatt Breweries, Steve experienced Before & After first hand as a client. From then on, he was hooked. He has worked with Tom and his team on multiple clients as facilitator and strategist and added his unique blend of creativity, strategy and vision to every session. Steve’s experience in teaching as well as hands on, real life experience will provide invaluable knowledge. As a former comedian, he will make sure you laugh as you create… and there’s no cover charge, or 2 drink minimum.

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