Why guess about new products, when you can let the consumer tell you want they want.

In this age when marketing communications is now 2-way rather than just a monologue, it’s crazy that the “listening” in most focus groups is still around the marketer’s agenda and not the consumers’.

Before & After’s reFocus Group is a different kind of focus group.  We don’t ask the consumer to react to concepts, but put them in a place where they can tap their own imaginations to uncover an immense variety of possibilities without being led.

We call this process the reFocus Group because it enables the marketer to refocus its efforts to areas that the consumer finds of most value in new products, services, even promotions.

Benefits of reFocus

This process uses science by virtue of our proven proprietary ideation methods, principally 100MPH Thinking™ and Intergalactic Thinking™, which employ, respectively, the law of large numbers and strategically aimed disassociation.

Our methods encourage the vision of unencumbered thinking that realigns the consumer’s wants and needs, recognized or not, for a plethora of new ideas.

Using fast-paced, interactive techniques from our highly-effective FlashFlood Brainstorming™ process we routinely yield 1,000 or more ideas per session .

And, if it makes sense, we even allow time for conventional focus group dynamics, enabling you to leverage your time, efforts and expense.

This process has successfully explored fresh conceptual territory in consumer products, airline services, even home computers. It’s been used with groups as diverse as affluent adults, inner city youth, and the trade.