We help individuals break through blocks

  • Creativity Training

    Our Do-it-yourself Lobotomy and creative thinking workshop helps people become better problem solvers by becoming better creative thinkers. Ideal for a training programs, marketing offsites, team building sessions or meetings of professional organizations.

  • Applied Creativity

    Bring a B&A FlashFlood Brainstorming coach into your company to give your team the skills to find hundreds of fresh ideas, for new products, promotions, company names, product names and more.

  • reFocus Group

    Our reFocus Group sessions use the minds of your customers, prospects or channel partners in a true dialogue and mind meld to help you serve them better. It’s a combination of a B&A proprietary FlashFlood Brainstorming and a conventional focus group.

  • Custom Services

    If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, or you’re just not sure, fill out our Custom Program Design form (or just use the form to organize your thoughts) and we’ll figure out how to best meet your creativity needs.