Creativity Training (Better Ways to Solve Problems)

Our Do-it-yourself Lobotomy and creative thinking workshop helps people become better problem solvers by becoming better creative thinkers. Ideal for a training programs, marketing offsites, team building sessions or meetings of professional organizations.

This fun, highly-interactive professional development workshop is a powerful stand alone program running from a 1 hour keynote to a full day of activity, although the most popular format for this program is a half day session of anywhere from two to four hours

The benefits of our creative thinking workshops – participants will:

  • Gain a better understanding of how they think to improve creative consistency.

  • Learn simple-to-use, practical skills to get fresh ideas on demand for any and all challenges.

  • Become more prolific, nimble and resourceful thinkers.

  • Be less likely to fall back on old ideas and old thinking patterns.